MasterClass - Brandon McMillan's Canine Minded
In this Emmy Award winning series, animal trainer Brandon McMillan’s second home is the neighborhood animal shelter where he is determined to rescue hard-to-love, out-of control, untrained and unadoptable dogs. Then, back at Brandon’s training facility known as the Lucky Dog Ranch, he embarks on the seemingly impossible task of turning the frightened pooches into perfect pets. In the end, a lucky family will adopt an even luckier dog, making each episode an adoption story that warms the heart.
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One of the most common things people say to me is, “My dog is untrainable.” I tell them there are no untrainable dogs—just untrained humans.
This MasterClass is about giving you simple, effective training fundamentals that you can use to improve your relationship with your dog, whether they just came into your life or you have some common behavioral issues to solve.
We’re going to cover the variables that make your dog unique. We’re going to talk about control, conditioning, and building trust with your dog—all key for training. And we’re going to cover the 7 Common Commands—sit, stay, down, come, off, heel, and no—that are essential for a well-trained dog.
I really believe that my training system is the most simplified form of training out there. No matter how “untrainable” your dog seems now, you’re going to see an amazing difference with a few short training sessions a day.
And once you’ve trained your dog, you’ll have a best friend who trusts and loves you—and will be there for you through thick and thin—for the rest of their life. I can’t think of anything more rewarding.
Let’s get started!

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