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Who is Brandon McMillan? Brandon McMillan world, renowned animal trainer, 3 X Emmy winning television host and bestselling author. His hit CBS series “Lucky Dog” and his “Masterclass” instructional are two of the highest rated dog training/rescue series in the history of television and streaming. 

Why Brandon? Simple answer: Experience… lots of it. McMillan comes from a lineage of famous animal trainers. Starting all the way back in the 1950s with the legendary Gunther Gable Williams who went on to teach Brandon’s father and uncle the art of animal training. McMillan then learned the craft from his family as a young child until eventually moving to Los Angeles at 18 to become a film and television animal trainer at one of the largest animal training companies in the industry. During his time at the company he worked on over 200 movies, tv shows and commercials. Eventually he left the film industry, purchasing his Los Angeles ranch to soley train dogs for LA dog lovers. Now, after 25 years of training dogs professionally, Brandon needs no book to solve a dog’s behavioral issues. His decades of experience and sheer number of dogs he’s trained is the only book he needs. 

Methods and training style: Brandon is well known for his simplistic, fair and balanced training style. Taking a page out of his family’s mentoring, Brandon focuses on a “Technique and Conditioning” based training where he spends a day teaching a technique, then weeks conditioning it. This simple process is one of the most proven methods in the history of dog training. His trademarked “7 Common Commands” curriculum is what his hit TV show, MasterClass instructional series and bestselling books are all based on. Brandon believes less is more when training a dog which is why he chose these seven commands (sit, stay, down, come, off, heel, no). Brandon is probably best known for hosting the hit CBS series “Lucky Dog” which he rescues shelter dogs, trains them and then finds them a forever home. This makes him one of the most recognized trainers in the world that trains shelter dogs with behavioral issues. 

These dogs learned these behavioral issues, so they can unlearn them.” – Brandon McMillan


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