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As an expert dog trainer to a long list of Hollywood celebrities, Brandon knows a thing or two about solving peoples dog problems.
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Dog Training Camps


Treat your best friend to Brandon’s world renowned training ranch as seen on CBS’s hit series “Lucky Dog”.  This beautiful canine utopia is nestled in the hills, just outside of Los Angeles. Your dog will begin their day playing with the pack in the supervised 2,000 sq ft play yard. After a short break, your pup will receive multiple training sessions by a team of trainers. Every session takes place in the play yard or in his 800 sq ft indoor training room. Each session focuses on a command or behavioral issue customized to your dog. Each dog also gets “environmental training” where they get educated in real world environments. This is where the team takes the dog to a busy area and continues the training they learned at the ranch but with real world distractions. After a long day of training, every dog gets another play session before the dinner bell rings. Throughout the ranch’s 10 year history, hundreds of dogs have been educated here. Your best friend could join that club.

Brandon McMillan Training Camps

OBEDIENCE – 2 Week Board & Train

The world renowned “7 Common Commands” training curriculum awaits your best friend! This wildly popular training system was made famous on Brandon’s “Lucky Dog” series and his Masterclass instructional and his best selling books. This training system is K-12 for dogs.

Week 1:  Fundamentals Training

Week 2:  Environmental training (training in public place like cafes, parks, and areas with distractions)

2 Week Camp with Assistant Trainer  –  $5900

2 Week Camp with Brandon  –  $8500

Additional week of training (Recommended for timid or stubborn dogs). –  $2500

ADVANCED TRAINING – Board & Train Camp

Advanced Training: Long distance commands + advanced off leash: 2 weeks  –  $4500

Agility Training with Brandon: 2 weeks  –  $6000


Therapy Dog:  6 weeks  –  $12,000

Psychiatric Service Dog:  6-12 weeks   –   $18,000

Diabetic Alert Dog:  6-12 months.  –  $35,000

Mobility Assistance Dog:  6-12 months   –  $35,000


Socialization, confidence building + obedience:  3 weeks Board & Train with assistant trainer   –  $7500

Socialization, confidence building + obedience:  3 weeks Board & Train with Brandon  –  $10,000

anti-aggression dog training


There are various forms of aggression such as fear, nipping, leash reactivity, human aggression, resource guarding, re-directing, dog aggression, etc.  Part of this course the dog will learn heavy obedience with hyper-exposure to the area they need the most work.  If your dog is NOT ok with other dogs when off leash, the owner is responsible for pick up and drop offs daily during camp duration.  Price is based on the severity of behavior.

Leash Reactivity. 10-14 days  –  $6900

Anti-aggression Training: 10-14 days  –  $10,000

Dog Assessment


Consultations / Assessments take about 1 hour.  In the case you decide to proceed with any training camp, this fee will be applied to a camp of your choice.

In-person with Brandon  –  $1000

In-person with Assistant Trainer  –  $500

Virtual Consultation via Zoom with Brandon  –  $1000

Off-site consultation/assessment with Brandon   –  $1500

If you are interested in a training assessment of your dog for any of our camps,
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