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As an expert dog trainer to a long list of Hollywood celebrities, Brandon knows a thing or two about solving peoples dog problems.
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Dog Training Camps


Treat your best friend to Brandon’s world renowned training ranch as seen on CBS’s hit series “Lucky Dog”.  This beautiful canine utopia is nestled in the hills, just outside of Los Angeles. Your dog will begin their day playing with the pack in the supervised 2,000 sq ft play yard. After a short break, your pup will receive multiple training sessions by a team of trainers. Every session takes place in the play yard or in his 800 sq ft indoor training room. Each session focuses on a command or behavioral issue customized to your dog. Each dog also gets “environmental training” where they get educated in real world environments. This is where the team takes the dog to a busy area and continues the training they learned at the ranch but with real world distractions. After a long day of training, every dog gets another play session before the dinner bell rings. Throughout the ranch’s 10 year history, hundreds of dogs have been educated here. Your best friend could join that club.


The world renowned “7 Common Commands” training curriculum awaits your best friend! This wildly popular training system was made famous on Brandon’s “Lucky Dog” series and his Masterclass instructional and his best selling books. This training system is K-12 for dogs.

Brandon McMillan Training Camps
Obedience Training Camp

Behavioral Modification

This camp is specifically designed to focus on behavioral issues your dog needs help with. Be it Separation Anxiety, Food Aggression or even excessive barking, this camp focuses on the issue to help solve it for good.


The cornerstone of an outgoing dog! Failing to socialize your dog when they’re young often results in a timid dog when they’re older. This camp is dedicated to teaching a dog to be social in not only a pack of dogs but also a crowd of humans. Definitely a must for puppies and newly rescued shelter dogs.

Brandon McMillan Agility Camp


Want to teach your dog to be a fast thinking athlete? Well you’ve come to the right place. An agility trained dog is not only a spectacle to see, but easily one of the best ways to keep your dog’s mind sharp and their body in shape. Definitely a must for high energy dogs.

Puppy Raising

Uh oh! You caved and bought that cute little puppy from the pet store … now you’re realizing they’re destructive little machines. This is an all too common story which is why we created the puppy raising camp. Puppies will destroy that beautiful living room rug, the big sectional couch or turn your favorite pair of shoes into their favorite chew toy. Lucky for you, we’ll take the adorable little chewing machine off your hands till they’re a little older. Puppies are typically the most destructive between 2 months and 5 months which is the window age this camp deals with. Want your puppy fully trained before they come home for good? We got you covered. And before you ask … yes, of course you’ll get to see your adorable little one throughout the process. We actually recommend you see them as much as possible throughout the camp as the end result is always better.

Puppy raising camp

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